“Military Law Ok.”

Tony J.

Posted on:

“The bank tried to take my house from me while I was deployed. Every attorney I called told me I needed to let it go. Then I found David. There’s just no one who understands military issues better than he does. The foreclosure stopped, when I got home we worked out a payment schedule to get things current and he saved my home. The guy’s amazing.”

Tony J. – Tulsa

Stacy W.

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“My ex is in the military and when he told me he wanted to file for divorce I was crushed. I talked to several other attorneys and because of the military issues, two of them referred me to David. When I finally called, I knew he was the attorney for me. He was fantastic and protected me and my daughter to the very end. I’ve recommended him to several others since my divorce”.

Stacy W. – Tulsa

Jason C.

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“”It was obvious from the moment I talked to him that David clearly understood the issues with being a deployed service member. Despite being 1000 miles away, not being able to come home and appear in court, and having never even met him, David handled my case flawlessly. He’s clearly above the rest.”

Jason C. – Tulsa