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Disbursement of Military Retirements

Military Law Group 
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In the United States, individuals who retired after serving at least 20 years in the Armed Forces may be eligible for military retirement pay. However, there are various procedures involved in applying for military retirement benefit plans or lifetime monthly annuities. An experienced Oklahoma military law attorney can inform you about the necessary steps to take to receive your military retirement disbursements. 

At Military Law Group, we’re committed to offering knowledgeable legal guidance and advocacy to military retirees and veterans in military retirement pay-related matters. Our trusted legal team can determine your eligibility for military retirement benefits and guide you through the application process from start to finish. Our firm proudly serves clients across Tulsa, Oklahoma, and throughout the Tulsa metro area, including Creek County, Rogers County, and the Creek and Cherokee Nations. 

Overview of Military Retirements  

Military retirement benefits are nest eggs set aside to pay eligible military retirees, their surviving spouses, and loved ones for their service to this great nation. Essentially, you can start receiving retirement benefits the day you retire, regardless of your age. Also, depending on the cost of living and inflation, the pension check and retirement benefits will be adjusted (increased) every year. 

Requirements to Receive Benefits  

Furthermore, in order to qualify for military retirement pay, the retiree must meet either of the following requirements: 

  • You served in the armed forces of the United States for at least 20 years, or 

  • You medically retired due to physical disability under 10 U.S.C. Chapter 61.  

A knowledgeable attorney can help determine your eligibility and enlighten you about how to apply for your military retirement pay. 

How to Apply for Military Retirement Pay  

Here are the legal steps involved in applying for military retirement pay: 

Determine Your Separation or Retirement Date 

The separation date – also known as the End of Active Service (EAS) date is the day you are discharged, released from active duty, or released from the control and custody of the Armed Forces. Once you have determined the date of your separation, you should complete mandatory initial counseling and submit the necessary documentation. 

The Pre-Retirement Package 

In addition, you will get a pre-retirement package from your branch of service – Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Space Force, and Marine Corps – within one year before your retirement date. This is to assist you in preparing for your retirement.  

Ensure that you attend all programs and briefings organized by your command regarding the retirement system. However, your actions and decisions during this period will affect the retirement benefits available to you and your survivors. 

Gather the Required Documentation 

Gather the necessary documentation for your retirement within six months prior to your target retirement date. Here are some crucial documents that will help determine your eligibility and the amount of retirement pay available to you: 

  • Retirement Orders 

  • High Average Base Amount 

  • Statement of Service 

  • Separation Data 

Your branch of service will forward the necessary documents to the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS). You can go through these documents to ensure that they contain accurate information about you and your time during active service. 

Submit the Right Forms  

After gathering the necessary documentation, reach out to your Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) office. You will receive a copy of the Data for Payment of Retired Personnel Form (DD 2656). This is a very crucial document when preparing for your military retirement. 

The information you provide in the form will determine how you will receive your benefits, pay taxes, and beneficiaries who will receive payments owed when you die. An experienced attorney can help complete the necessary forms, guide you through the legal procedures involved, and help you make informed decisions. 

How Long Does It Take to Process Military Pay?   

Typically, it takes between 30 and 45 days after your retirement date to process a payment request. However, this is only possible if all the required information and forms are provided. At times, it may take more time to process your military pay if additional information, calculations, or research is needed. 

Getting the Military Support You Deserve 

Applying for military retirement disbursements usually involves a lot of complex procedures. Before you apply, you need to understand the eligibility requirements, gather the required documentation, and complete the necessary forms. Therefore, consulting with a seasoned military law attorney is crucial for proper guidance and to help you make intelligent decisions. 

At Military Law Group, we enjoy giving experienced legal services and directing clients through the complexities involved in military retirement pay applications. Also, we can inform you about the different military retirement benefit plans available to you and determine your eligibility. Lastly, we will help file your application, complete and submit the necessary forms and documentation, and help ensure a seamless and successful application. 

Contact us at Military Law Group today to get in touch with experienced military retirement pay attorneys. Our reliable legal team has the detailed legal counsel and brilliant advocacy you need at every step of the way. We proudly serve clients across Tulsa, Oklahoma, and throughout the Tulsa metro area, including Creek County, Rogers County, and the Creek and Cherokee Nations.