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Civil Litigation Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Disagreements are normal, and a part of everyday life. Naturally, the best approach to resolve a disagreement is to try to work with the other party to resolve it as peacefully and civilly as possible through negotiation and dialogue. When that doesn’t work, you might have to resort to the courts. This is where we can help.

Civil litigation usually involves disputes of private law issues between individuals, businesses, and sometimes public law. But civil litigation is expensive, and our philosophy stresses realistic guidance to our clients prior to the institution of litigation, and throughout the entire litigation process. We emphasize cost-effective strategies and alternatives such as early case analysis and evaluation, prejudgment remedies, and the use of alternative dispute resolution forums, including arbitration, mediation, and settlement conferences. We help you examine not only the strengths of your case but also the weaknesses. When appropriate, our experienced trial attorneys aggressively pursue our client’s matters through trial.