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It was obvious from the moment I talked to them that Military Law Group clearly understood the issues with being a deployed service member. Despite being 1000 miles away, not being able to come home and appear in court, and having never even met them, this team handled my case flawlessly. They're clearly above the rest.


My ex is in the military and when he told me he wanted to file for divorce I was crushed. I talked to several other attorneys and because of the military issues, two of them referred me to Military Law Group. When I finally called, I knew this was the law firm for me. They were fantastic and protected me and my daughter to the very end. I’ve recommended Military Law Group to several others since my divorce.


The bank tried to take my house from me while I was deployed. Every attorney I called told me I needed to let it go. Then I found Military Law Group. There’s just no one who understands military issues better than they do. The foreclosure stopped, when I got home we worked out a payment schedule to get things current and they saved my home. These guys are amazing.


The Military Law Group team are truly professionals. I was dealing with a custody modification. I lived in another state, I had a consult with one of the attorneys and drove up to see him a couple of weeks later. He worked tirelessly to ensure I was taken care of. I would definitely recommend Military Law Group, 5 stars, and very knowledgeable with all the nuances of the military.


These are seasoned attorneys who treat their clients with compassion and respect. I had the good fortune of having Military Law Group do some legal work for me. The outcome was so positive! They guided me through every step of what we needed to do. They interfaced with another professional to insure that all issues were resolved. And the best part of their practice is their love of military members and veterans. I highly recommend Military Law Group for any legal need!


I met my former spouse through the Marine Corps and was married for 17 yrs. During our last 3 years before his retirement he was stationed in another state while myself and our two children where in OK awaiting for him to return when he filed for divorce one year out of retirement. My children and I were hurt and confused at his actions and felt abandoned as I had no family within 1100 miles. When a friend of mine referred me to Military Law Group and I spoke with the team the first time I felt very confident that they would help me in every way. Chelsea was so compassionate and was always there when I needed help and had questions. Both Chelsea and the team are excellent and I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of assistance that is military based. I can not express my gratitude enough for all of the help that they have done to help me through the toughest time in mine and my children's lives. Thank you again for all of your support.