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Estate Planning Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Through estate planning, wills and trusts, our estate attorneys can help protect your property & investments for you & your family.

Through our Estate Planning process, we can design and implement a custom plan to ensure your assets pass to your beneficiaries with the least possible cost and the fewest procedural headaches.

Why You Need a Will And/or Trust

A will is a legal document prepared to give instructions about how your property should be divided among your survivors after your death. If you die without a Will in Oklahoma, the Court will divide your assets for you and sometimes it may not be in a manner in you would have wanted.

Even if you have a Will, your estate could be subject to the Probate process. A Trust can help eliminate the need for Probate. Trusts are one of the most efficient ways to protect your assets, avoid tax penalties, and ensure that the maximum amount of your wealth is transferred to your loved ones.

Other Considerations for An Estate Plan

As more and more people are living longer, estate planning has grown to include the area of “Life Planning” which considers long-term care for the elderly. For more information on Life Planning and Long-Term Care.