Scott B. Goode

Principal Attorney
After serving in the U.S. Navy, Scott launched into his legal career back home in Oklahoma. In addition to being certified in Native America law, Scott is also considered an expert in two areas of criminal defense: search and seizure, as well as the 4th Amendment. He also practices family law, veteran's law, and general civil litigation.

Chelsea D. Shields

Attorney at Law
Chelsea is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native. Upon receiving her Juris Doctorate from University of Tulsa in December 2016, she was admitted to practice in April 2017. Immediately following she started working with the Military Law Group in May of 2017.

Luis E. Flores

Of Counsel Attorney
Since 2008, Luis has represented clients throughout Tulsa on a wide variety of legal concerns. Today, Luis focuses his practice primarily on personal injury claims, family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, workers' compensation, juvenile law, and immigration law matters.

Kurt K. Townsend

Of Counsel Attorney
After earning his law degree from the University of Tulsa, Kurt began practicing family law, estate planning, probate law, Native American law, criminal defense, and related matters. No matter the legal issue at hand, Kurt always acts as a strong advocate for his clients.

Katherine Gruebel Ross

Of Counsel Attorney
Since she began practicing law in 2006, Kat has focused her caseload primarily on criminal law, family law, juvenile law, adoption law, and civil law. Given her deep-seated passion for helping others, it's no surprise that Kat is a dedicated advocate for her clients.
Headshot of Legal Assistant Kelscie Robbins

Kelscie R. Robbins

Legal Assistant
Kelscie is a legal assistant at Military Law Group.
Headshot of Legal Assistant Claribeth Arellana

Claribeth Arellana

Legal Assistant
Claribeth is a legal assistant at Military Law Group.
Headshot of Legal Assistant Molly McElwain

Molly McElwain

Legal Assistant
Molly is a legal assistant at Military Law Group.